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Australian fire station knows where women really belong

A fire station in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, is getting plenty of attention for its rather witty signage.

The noticeboard outside Newtown Fire Station is gaining a following for its messages on social issues, or having a laugh with hilarious fire safety messages.

For International Women’s Day on Tuesday, it was an opportunity to share a message about where females deserve to be. That is, wherever the hell they like.

Newtown Fire Station.

Johnny McGirr, senior firefighter at Newtown Fire Station, told Mashable Australia the signs are written to include the diverse, local community.

“We were given the signs from management to do fire safety messages,” McGirr said. “Being from Newtown and having a whole bunch of eclectic people we like to engage with the community, whether it’s a joke or social issues.

“Our job is not always to respond to emergencies, but ingratiate ourselves with the public and show our support. We want the fire station to be a welcoming place.”

The run of incredible signs began when firefighters Ben Gaudin and Jarrod McGrouther came up with this humdinger, after the great water buffalo escape of 2014.

Fire station.

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