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Ex beauty queen hospitalized in psych unit after being stripped off crown

Troubling days without sleep or food culminated in a brief stint at a psychiatric hospital for Puerto Rican beauty Kristhielee Caride after the crushing loss of her pageant crown.

The 24-year-old, who was stripped of Puerto Rico’s Miss Universe 2016 title, admitted she was recently hospitalized as she struggled to come to terms with the end of her short reign.

“Yes. This situation has hit me very hard,” she told the Univision network when asked if she had spent some time at a psych unit.

The Spanish Channel said Caride had been hospitalized for severe depression a few days ago but has since been released.

“I can tell you I got some help because a dark depression came over me and I couldn’t eat or sleep,” she continued.

The stunner said she’s emerged from her turmoil and as she recovers, is seeking legal action against the Miss Universe Puerto Rico organization.

“It’s something I have under control now,” she added.

“(I feel) betrayed by the organization because there was never a moment that I disrespected them. There wasn’t a reason for them to do what they did to me,” she explained.

The beauty queen said she is doing better since her brief stint in a psych unit.

Caride was visiting a lawyer’s office at the time of the interviewand her mother has since confirmed they are preparing to head to court and file action against the national director of Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Desiree Lowry.

“We are getting everything ready to bring our truth to the town of Puerto Rico,” Caride’s mother Brenda Santiago told the station.

The supportive mom also took to Facebook a few days ago, possibly hinting at her daughter’s state of mind at the time.

“My priority in this moment is the emotional health of my daughter and my family because if my children fall, the world crumbles for me,” she wrote, as she thanked fans for their support.

Caride was thrust into international limelight last week when her alleged bad attitude cost her a coveted sash and crown. Her replacement for the title has already started in the pageant role.

The beauty queen won the title only four months before her de-crowning.

Source/ NYDailyNews

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