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Heartbreaking picture shows 5-month-old baby starved to death in war-torn Yemen

Tiny Udai Faisal was born into the war-torn country five months ago, as air attacks ripped through his village, Hazyaz.

But as famine followed the war planes, hunger left him with twig-like arms and legs and sunken cheeks and weighing just 5.3 lbs.

The stricken tot could not even cry tears as his eyes had dried through lack of fluids.

Finally, after vomiting yellow liquid, Udai died from severe malnutrition.

His mother, Intissar Hezzam, said: “He didn’t cry and there were no tears, just stiff. I screamed and fainted.”

Udai Faisal,

Airstrikes in Yemen, launched by Saudi Arabia a year ago, have left millions suffering from hunger.

With food shortages and soaring prices, Udai’s mother and father, Faisal Ahmed, struggled to feed Udai and their nine other children – aged between two and 16 – more than once a day.


Her father said: “She was screaming and delivering the baby while the bombardment was rocking the place.”

Although she breastfeed Udai for 20 days, Hezzam’s milk dried up through malnutrition.

The desperate family tried to get formula to feed the baby, but even when it was available they couldn’t always afford it.

Faisal Ahmed, whose son, Udai, died of severe acute malnutrition,

Intissar Hezzam stands with her husband Faisal Ahmed

Another malnourished child is treated at Al-Sabeen hospital in Sanaa



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