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Meet the woman with the longest dreadlocks as she marries her stylist

Woman with world’s longest dreadlocks,  Asha Mandela from Florida has married Emmanuel Chege.

She married Emmanuel who is a certified hair stylist from Kenya after they met online three years ago.

He decided to contact Asha, and when she visited Kenya on business eight months later, they connected well.

A fairytale romance followed, and within 8 months of meeting, they got married in America. Emmanuel, a hair stylist with 15 years of experience now spends his days grooming Asha’s dreadlocks.

Meanwhile, Doctors told Aisha that her dreadlocks would paralyze her if she kept on growing them as its weight is affecting her back.

Her husband is also growing his own dreadlocks and hopes to become the male record holder in the future.


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