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Messi vs. Ronaldo argument turns deadly at birthday party as Nigerian kills brother

Two Nigerian men living in India debated the topic during a birthday get together, and one man killed the man celebrating his birthday.

According to AS, the police report states that one man was arguing that Ronaldo was better than Messi and threw a glass in anger at the Messi fan, who then picked up a shard and stabbed the other to death.

Messi Ronaldo

According to AFP, police inspector Kiran Kabadi said, “The two Nigerian youngsters were discussing football players. One is a fan of Messi and the other was for Ronaldo.

“During the conversation a quarrel has taken place. The deceased threw a glass into the face of the accused person. The glass broke and caused small injuries.

“After that the accused took the broken glass and assaulted the deceased person who died due to heavy bleeding.”

The Hindustan Times reports that the victim was 34-year-old Obinna Durumchukwa. Nwabu Chukwuma has been charged with murder.

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