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Mum gives birth at home, throws newborn baby in trash then goes to hospital

Nausheen Rahman, 28 has been charged with murder and concealment of a human body after her lifeless newborn baby was found on in a trash outside her home.

She was said to have stuffed her newborn baby into a plastic bag outside her Staten Island home on Richmond Rill Road Saturday about 11:30 a.m., officials told New York Daily News.

After committing the act, she went to the hospital as she was in pain. She lied to the doctors that her baby had died after she delivered.

But after much prodding, she confessed to throwing the dead baby in the trash before going to the Staten Island University Hospital.

After a call from the hospital authorities, the Police went to Rahman’s home and searched the trash in front of it.

The newborn baby’s lifeless body was found on Richmond Rill Road near Vassar Street in New Springville Saturday about 11:30 a.m., officials said.

Rahman has since been charged with the infant’s murder, police said. She was charged with murder and concealment of a human body. An autopsy report and more tests may determine how the baby died.

But a source told the NewYork Daily that oxygen was found in the baby’s lungs, which may mean the baby was alive when Rahman allegedly dumped it.

It is not clear when the baby was born and officials did not release the infant’s gender.


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