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Photos: 15-year-old forced to marry man twice her age

A Photojournalist called Allison Joyce was on assignment for Getty Images in her home of Bangladesh last summer when she passed a huge wedding tent being set up alongside the road.

Curious what was going on, she asked a passerby who told her the wedding was set for the next day, and thousands of guests had been invited. But the detail that struck Joyce was the fact that the bride was only in the sixth grade.

The next day, Nasoin Akhter would be married off to a man twice her age. Joyce returned the next morning with her camera, and was welcomed into the ceremony.

Everyone was celebrating this forced marriage of a 15-year-old girl to a 32-year-old man. To most of them, the sight wasn’t an unusual one,” Joyce said.

By documenting Nasoin’s wedding, Joyce hopes to raise awareness and push for change. “Photography is a universal language and an incredibly powerful tool to affect change.  See photos of the wedding below.

On her wedding day, August 20, 2015, 15-year-old Nasoin looks out of a dressing room at a beauty parlour in Manikganj, Bangladesh.

Nasoin stands in the doorway of a neighbour’s home on the day of her wedding. While poverty is often the reason families marry off their girls, Joyce said she was surprised that
“[the bride’s] father is a very wealthy man, with multiple two-story houses. Hundreds of chickens and cows were slaughtered for the wedding dinner, and thousands of guests were invited.”

Nasoin is bathed on her wedding day.

Nasoin has her makeup done before her wedding ceremony.

Nasoin poses for a photo after her makeup is done.

Nasoin has her wedding sari wrapped around her.

Nasoin sits with relatives while posing for photos on her wedding day.

She is consoled by a friend.

She poses for video of her wedding day.

The groom, 32-year-old Mohammad Hasamur Rahman, arrives to the wedding venue on the day that he will marry 15-year-old Nasoin.

Mohammad poses for photographs with his new bride.

Rahman stands on a bed above his young bride.

Wedding guests dance and celebrate at Mohammad and Nasoin’s wedding.

After the wedding, Nasoin is led by relatives to a car that will take her to her new home.


Source: Yahoo

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