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Video: Mentally unstable woman hit by car, left to die

On one of the arching flyovers at Mallam Junction, a woman believed to be mentally unstable laid there looking dead.

A deep gush in her head across her cheeks. The sight forced the vehicle in which we traveled to a conscientious stop.

We couldn’t stop on the busy overpass Thursday morning, a ‘pedestrian no go’ area. It was dangerous.

Parked more than 200 meters away from the motionless woman, we made a pretty dangerous run on the overpass as speedy motorist whisked by in the opposition direction.

Mad woman hit by car

Drivers using the flyover usually drive very fast especially after being stuck in the heavy traffic from Mends-Krom to Mallam Junction. The fly-over is not a place to stop to do anything. The whir of the upcoming vehicles filled our ears while we run.

What baffled me was that no driver tried to slow down Two police vehicles sped past us and showed no shock that two pedestrians were running on a busy overpass.

Halfway through the journey, it was preferable to backed out because I was scared when a long vehicle carrying beer whisked past us.

Mad woman hit by car

Surrounded by some personal belongs, a bag of clothes and some cooking utensils beside her suggested she was a mentally deranged woman.

We realized she was moving her upper body but her feet looked very pale. Blood was still oozing out of an open wound on her left cheek. The position in which she laid and a cut at the left side of her head, suggested she may have been stunned and closely missed been hit directly by a vehicle as she bizarrely walked in the opposite direction on an overpass.

She appeared to be going through excruciating pain.

A little confused by what we could do to help we called the police who assured they were heading to the scene.

It was very easy to ignore the woman because mentally disabled people are usually ignored in society.

The fate this woman is in the hands of God. She was being left to die because to most of us mentally disabled people are already dead to us in our own sub-conscious mind.

This sums up the plight of mentally deranged people in the country.

Mad woman hit by car

Watch video of how vehicles passed by as she laid by helplessly below.

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